Featured Topic Institutes

The Featured Topic Institutes will consist of 5 half day institutes on Sunday, April 14, 2019 that will run from 1:00 - 5:00 PM. The capacity for each institute is 100 attendees. The half day institutes are included in the price of your conference registration. Pre-registration is required.

Data Institute

This institute is designed for staff, faculty, and administrators interested in learning how to effectively set up systems for collecting and utilizing data to improve and measure program impacts.

The workshop will explore the data available via typical institutional research offices at the community college, primary undergraduate institution and research university levels. It will also explore the data available in state and national repositories I.e. State departments of education, U.S. Census, Health Data e.g. American Health Rankings and US Health & Human Services, IPEDS, PEW Charitable Trusts, Equity & Mobility Projects e.g. Equality of Opportunity Project and The Education Trust. The institute will also review methods for collecting individual level data via surveys and focus groups and the commonly used tools to collect such information i.e. Survey Monkey.

HSI 101: What It Means To Be A Hispanic Serving Institution

This workshop is designed for staff, faculty, academic advisors, and administrators who want a firm grounding in everything HSI. This highly interactive workshop will guide participants through the history and current political and cultural context of HSIs, and introduce participants to the growing body of evidence that proves HSIs are essential players in improving Latinx higher education outcomes. Participants will receive and get in-depth training on two tools they can take back to their campus:

(1) a Rubric of Best Practice in HSIs that helps to rate aspects of institution’s culture, and plan ways to improve their “HSI-ness,” and;

(2) an Equity Analysis that helps participants use their own institutional, departmental or course/class data (depending on their role on campus) that helps to elucidate how Latinx students are performing in relation to their peers.

Participants need to bring a laptop or tablet in order to access and use the resources for this Institute.


Explores grant-seeking strategies that will optimize your effectiveness as a HSI proposal writer, and to identify funding opportunities where your HSI/MSI status improves your ability to compete for grants. The Institute will provide interactive, hands-on training for participants, with an emphasis on overcoming barriers and improving outcomes for the participants. The Institute will focus on several topics, including:

Grants-writing professionals and academic leaders interested in maximizing the effect HSI-specific and other funding can have on your institution should attend this institute.

Project Management

Provides a facilitated forum for effective HSI (Title V and Title III Part F) grant management to both new and experienced project directors and staff. Participants will:

Student Leadership Institute

Is designed to empower students with a strong foundational set of academic, leadership, career, and life skills. This interactive and high-energy institute will keep participants engaged via small and large group activities. The Institute will consist of three separate modules designed to develop students’ cognitive understanding of their implicit personal skills and how to successfully apply these skills in a variety of settings:

Module 1: Identifying one’s communication preference and how it impacts self and others.

Module 2: Identifying and strengthening one’s leadership style.

Module 3: Identifying gaps and strengths in working with diverse populations by becoming aware of one’s current place in the cultural competence continuum; exploring ways to move forward and gaining knowledge on how to advance student leaders on campus.

Who Should Attend

Volunteer Opportunities

As a conference volunteer, not only will you help to make the AHSIE 11th Annual Best Practices Conference a success, volunteering will help you meet new people, get recognition for yourself and your institution, as well as provide a service to the higher education community. Our opportunities are designed for a variety of interests, skills, and time commitments. Whether you’re interested in getting involved before, during, or after the conference, the opportunities below are a great way to make your mark on the 11th Annual Best Practices Conference.

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