Invited Speaker Presentations

Ensuring the Success of Latino Males Across Educational Sectors

Presenter: Victor Sáenz, Ph.D.

The session will offer an interactive discussion of the persistent gender gap in educational attainment for Latino male students across the educational spectrum. The session will spotlight two initiatives that have grown out of our expansive research efforts in Texas: 1.) the award-winning Project MALES (Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success) initiative, and 2.) the Texas Education Consortium for Male Students of Color (Consortium), made up of school districts, community colleges, and four-year institutions across the state.

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Shifting the HSI Success Paradigm: A College Ready Student vs. A Student-Ready College

Presenter: William Franklin, Ph.D.

Institutions are uniquely designed. They are uniquely designed to engender success and they are uniquely designed to erect barriers to success. Educational leaders fail miserably when it comes to talking about and eradicating institutionally-controlled barriers. At California State University, Dominguez Hills, we stopped solely asking if our students were ready for college. It is an important question and we have many ways of assessing their readiness. However, we failed to ask: How ready were we to serve the students we admit? How do we assess our readiness, be critical about our shortcomings, and make the necessary improvements? This session will include specific examples of programs, services and metrics we used to become a student-ready college.

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Framing the Questions – Creating an Efficient Data Warehouse using Microsoft Excel

Presenter: Wendy McEwen, M.A.

Informing conversations through the effective and efficient use of data is foundational to Institutional Research. Under the leadership of its Dean, Riverside City College, Office of Institutional Effectiveness created and maintains a Microsoft Excel reporting solution despite the lack of an IT-supported data warehouse and Business Intelligence software solely using Microsoft Excel’s pivot tables. This interactive session will share lessons learned from more than a decade of integrating student-level data at several 4-year and 2-year institutions.

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Pa'lante [Moving Forward]: Using Students' Resources and Strengths in Classrooms and Beyond

Presenter: Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, Ph.D.

This presentation will use an asset-based approach to challenge current thinking about who our students are and what they bring to HSIs. This presentation will provide concrete tools to learn about the various resources students bring to our classrooms and to our campuses and how to build on these strengths to better support their academic journeys.

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HSIs 201: Decolonizing Leadership Practices at Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Presenter: Gina Garcia, Ph.D.

This session will focus on leadership practices at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs). During the 2018 AHSIE Best Practices Conferences, Dr. Gina Garcia proposed the Organizational Framework for Decolonizing HSIs, arguing that in order for HSIs to achieve equitable outcomes and experiences for minoritized students, they must first recognize the “coloniality of power” that exists within their organizational structures. In this session, Dr. Garcia will focus on one aspect of the framework, governance and leadership.

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Community College Pathway to the BA: Challenges to Getting an Optimal Return

Presenter: Di Xu

One of the most important functions of open-access two-year public institutions is serving as a stepping stone to a baccalaureate at a four-year institution. Using the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS:2002), we analyze students’ baccalaureate attainment and short-term labor market performance, comparing two-year college and four-year institution entrants and exploring the potential heterogeneous treatment effects of initiating one’s college experience in a two-year college using individual pre-college academic preparation characteristics.

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Elucidation of HSI Policy Formation

Presenter: Patrick Valdez, Ph.D.

The presentation elucidates the existing knowledge about the history of Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) legislation passed into law by the 102nd United States Congress, by investigating how individuals and organizations in support of Hispanic higher education worked within and outside the federal political process between 1979 and 1992.

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Leveraging HSI Funds for Institutionalization and Sustainability

Presenters: Victor Davila, M.A.; Yajaira Mejia, Ph.D.; Moises Almendariz, M.A.

This session will extend the discussion on budget management provided during the Project Management Institute. The facilitators will provide strategies on how to successfully manage your HSI funds for institutionalization and long-term sustainability. The session will deliver strategies on building your budget with immediate institutional phase-in and leveraging of funds with local, state, and federal grants, as well as provide suggestions on how to support institution-wide capacity building efforts with HSI funds. Attendees will be encouraged to provide their personal experiences and best practices for similar efforts at their campuses.

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Excellence through Equity: Equity as a Driver for Institutional Effectiveness Efforts Across the College

Presenters: Mayra Padilla, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Equity, Contra Costa College; Bri Hays, Senior Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity, Cuyamaca College; Kristi Blackburn, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning, Cerritos College

California community colleges are at a pivotal point in their history, with a renewed emphasis on equitable student outcomes and a paradigm shift away from student access to student success and completion. The intersection between institutional research, planning, and effectiveness (IRPE) work and equity-focused efforts has never been more clearly articulated. In addition to the moral imperative that goes along with applied/institutional research, the CCCCO Vision for Success, Student Equity and Achievement Program, and Student-Centered Funding Formula are bringing equity-minded student success to the forefront of community college improvement efforts across the state. With this in mind, IRPE offices will need to be able to integrate equity-mindedness into everything from research and evaluation efforts, program review, strategic planning, and assessment efforts. Join us for an interactive workshop designed specifically for HSI practitioners to explore how to best partner with IRPE professionals to apply equity-minded principles to institutional research, planning, and assessment efforts. Workshop facilitators will share strategies for building college infrastructure and momentum to advance a culture of excellence through equity.

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Bringing Awe & Wonder into Education

Presenters: Raya Bidshahri, Founder & CEO, Awecademy

Awe is described as the powerful emotion we feel when we experience something so vast that we can’t completely wrap our minds around it. How many of us can confidently claim that we feel awe on a regular basis throughout our formal schooling? How often do we learn something that leaves us blown away or makes us feel empowered to stimulate some kind of positive change? For most of us, the answer is not enough. We should be teaching our students with the intrinsic rewards of awe as opposed to the extrinsic reward of grades. This talk will focus on the importance of awe and it's purpose for the progress of our species. It will also cover robust teaching strategies and case studies that can allow for more awe in education.

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