Program Topics Overview

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We aim to provide relevant information on topics that affect all Hispanic-Serving Institutes. Topics for this year’s conference include:

Academic Student Support Programs

Focuses on the creation, data-driven evaluation and/or institutionalization of undergraduate student academic support programs such as early college, undergraduate research, invasive advising, summer bridge, tutoring, and professional skills.

HSI Development: Moving from Emerging to Serving

Covers mentoring new and emerging HSIs in the development of their campus to an equity or ‘serving’ mindset. Includes professional development of staff and faculty, HSI mentorship, and descriptions of collaboration and leveraging of resources across departments, institutions, and communities.

Project Management, Institutionalization, and Data-Driven Evaluation

Focuses on the use of data to continuously improve programs and evaluate program effectiveness, and/or highlight the institutionalization of HSI grant-funded programs, and/or share best practices for effective management of federal grants collaborations and leveraging of funds.

Student Mentorship & Development

Addresses peer mentorship programs, developing a sense of belonging, programs that include students into institutional decision-making, and student leadership development.

Teaching & Learning Excellence

Features and describes replicable curricular innovations, course re-designs, or culturally relevant and responsive pedagogies. Shows evidence of success of these teaching & learning innovations on: student learning outcomes, course grades, social outcomes, sense of belonging or visible student engagement or learning.

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Featured Topic Institutes

AHSIE Institutes have been developed to provide fundamental and critical information for each topic area. These Featured Topic Institutes are open to all conference participants at no additional cost. They include: Data Institute; HSI 101: What It Means To Be A Hispanic Serving Institution; Grantsmanship; Project Management; and Student Leadership.

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