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Managing Difficult Conversations in HSIs: Understanding and Responding to Resistance to Change

Presenters: Melissa Salazar, Principal/CEO ESCALA Educational Services Inc.; Catherine Martinez, Berryhill Creative Director ESCALA Educational Services Inc.

This workshop is geared towards those who are working within their HSI on institutional culture change, and additionally will help anyone who wants to more deeply understand patterns of resistance to change in Hispanic Serving Institutions. ESCALA will draw upon its work over the past 7 years with more than 30 different HSIs to help audience members understand the foundation for resistance to change-- the culture and mindset disconnects between faculty, staff and students that are especially prevalent in HSIs. Participants will use the Intercultural Development Continuum to identify strategies to work more effectively with resistors to bring them into conversations about equity, serving-ness and student-centered pedagogies in HSIs.

About Melissa Salazar

Dr. Salazar is the founder of ESCALA, a professional development group that specializes in capacity building faculty development programming in HSIs. ESCALA has contracted with 35 HSIs across the U.S., and since 2013 more than 200 faculty have graduated from ESCALA's innovative Certificate in College Teaching & Learning in HSIs teaching leadership program. Dr. Salazar, a graduate of UC Berkeley and UC Davis, has taught in a variety of rural and urban HSIs in both California and New Mexico.

About Catherine Martinez

Dr. Martinez Berryhill is an expert on cultural disconnects in educational learning environments for Latinx students. She has developed curriculum for faculty development as well as new teacher candidates working with high proportions of Hispanic/Latinx learners.


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The annual AHSIE Best Practices Conference provides practitioners from current and emerging Hispanic Serving Institutions a forum through which they can share ideas, build partnerships, and influence the development of policies designed to increase student success and institutional effectiveness.

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